Today is Tuesday, October 06, 2015, 23 תשרי 5776
ShtibLuach Features
  • Completely multilingual: Currently supports English, Hebrew, Russian. Switches automatically between languages.
  • Configure any number of davening schedules
  • Add any number of minyanim to each schedule
  • Main screen displays:
    • Current time
    • Jewish Date
    • Day of Week
    • Weekly Parsha
    • Daf Yomi
  • Scrolling across the top:
    • Special days (e.g. Rosh Chodesh)
    • Special davenings (e.g. No Tachanun)
    • Omer
    • Molad
  • Custom message scrolling across the bottom:
  • Scheduled custom popup messages
  • Displays in Hebrew or English (other languages available)
  • Configuration program in Hebrew or English
Unlimited Davening Schedules

Configure ShtibLuach to show different davening schedules for special days, like Monday and Thursday, Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh or any other day of the year. You have unlimited flexibility and can define as many schedules as you want.

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About ShtibLuach

ShtibLuach is an electronic display system for synagogues.

Featuring a Windows-based fully graphical display, ShtibLuach displays all the information your members need about daily zmanim and davening times. Special davening changes (e.g. no tachanun) scroll across the screen and can optionally appear in popup messages. Learn more...