Author: markkesty

  • Shtiblach


    The Shtiblach design is ideal for shuls where lots of minyanim are taking place (“minyan factories”). In addition to all of the standard information shown in our other designs, the Shtiblach design features a bottom section in which the last minyan, the next minyan and the minyan after the next are clearly shown with arrows…

  • Gilo


    The Gilo luach is a standard luach for a regular shul which has a limited number of set minyanim during the day. The Luach comes in a variety of colors and backgrounds (shown here is gold lettering on a wood background) and shows zmanim and davening schedules. There is a small space at the bottom…

  • Shiloach


      The Shiloach luach is a more traditional design showing the davening times and zmanim side by side with text crawling across the top and bottom of the luach. The text can be custom text or can contain information about special davening, the molad, etc. Popup messages cover the center of the luach and may…